Pepper Seedling
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The seedlings I started are doing well (some more info.) I had nearly 100% success, with 2 seeds in each pod, almost all the pods had at least one germination, most two. A couple things I'd do diferently:

  • The setup came with a little heating pad, but it is of questionable value because it has no thermostat. In the middle of the night it may have little effect, and on a sunny day the temperature of the covered tray can skyrocket even without the heater. If you really need to regulate the temperature I would consider a water bath with an aquarium heater.
  • I used the pods, in a tray which I think was meant for deeper dirt. The pods may not have any fertilizer or nutrients, and the roots quickly outgrew them, so the seedlings needed to be transported somewhat early into the 3" pots.
  • The 3" pots were needed as I have so many, and will have to give some away. Next time I may just do 4 seeds directly into a 5 gallon pot and then never have to move the things at all.
  • The light is pretty weak in the west facing back room. Maybe next year I'll setup a cold frame, as this would help them grow, and make hardening off easier.
All that said, the transplanting was only a moderate amount of extra work, so I'm pretty happy with it as a first try.
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