Voodoo Fritter
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The locals in Portland aren't big on umbrellas. We were the only ones to have them as we made our way to breakfast. The rain was light but frequent during our stay.

Turning a corner we saw our first breakfast destination in Portland: Voodoo Donut. A line of umbrellas trailed from the entrance. The wait wasn't bad, and the donuts rocked, and were surprisingly cheap. The head-sized apple fritter in the photo was only $2.95.

After that we strolled over to the Saturday Market, a weekly craft festival. The quality of many of the vendors was incredible. Portland and the west coast in general seems to have quite a few glass workers; the prices were reasonable and the work was beautiful. I'll post some of the spoils later.

On the way back to the hotel, I got a Filson hat. Everyone should have a Filson hat. They repel water. Mine is collapsible. It's about 4 parts indian jones and 1 part fly fisherman, which is pretty much me exactly.

I'm now in the After Filson stage of my life, and the future is wide open.

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Neon - Portland
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Portland has a lot of cool neon. I could make a whole trip just taking photos of the signs.
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