Wisconsin Cheese
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10:37 AM - I'm outside the post office on Kedzie. I dropped off some letters, and that is the last thing to do. I fuss with the removable face on my radio until it awkwardly attaches. I plug in my ipad and queue up some Beastie Boys, then put it in drive and head towards the Kennedy to get the hell out of this state.

11:07 AM - I switch from Beastie Boys to the audiobook version of "American Psycho". This will be my main thing to listen to while driving across the country.

12:15 PM - Wisconsin drivers purposely drive in the left lane to block Illinois drivers. I have mathematical proof of this. They make it look as if they are just unaware. It's a front. Let's face it, Illinois drivers are completely impatient, and Wisconsin drivers have all the cheese, so basically the power dynamic all one-sided.

1:39 PM - I ponder that really there will be little time to stop for this first leg. I plan to get out of the Jeep as little as possible. I will eat while I drive. 2:15 PM - I've been eating less and less fast food, to the point that eating it for three days of driving sounds gross. Alternatives are limited. I see a Wendy's. For some reason it seems like Wendy's is somehow less fast-foody or the meat they use maybe isn't as bad as McDonalds. I realize this makes no sense, so stop at McDonalds.

4:55 PM - Traffic in Minneapolis. I think I'm going to run out of gas and so go through an interesting neighborhood that looks like a cross between Uptown in Chicago and Adams Morgan in DC.

7:30 PM - Some light snow is coming and swirling over the road. I decide to push to Fargo.

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Copyright © Erik Pennebaker, All rights reserved

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