Michigan Snow - Color Film is Dead?
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I have been shooting only B&W for a while. I like color in the snow - B&W is great at simplifying, but the snow itself makes it already pretty simple.

This is what I got back from my once trusted photo lab in Skokie. I'm now left with just one lab I know of in Chicago that is capable of developing a roll of color film without leaving weird chemical streaks and/or carving scratches and gouges into it (Phoenix Imaging @ Grand east of Western)

I'm not sure at this point there is a reason to shoot color film.

B&W is pretty simple to develop. You can even make your own chemistry from scratch if you want. The process isn't overly particular - little too warm, little too diluted, it usually balances out. Color is picky, it's like trying to develop the film 3 times and have it exactly the same each time. This is why most people have to take their film to labs, to big calibrated machines, and these labs have diminishing reasons to keep their processes going, or at least to keep them maintained enough to produce good output.

Although given enough time I could correct out the weirdness from the photo above, it is trashed for me, along with most of the rest of the 2 rolls.

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