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After a summer of dealing with my jeep running hot in traffic (especially w/ the AC on), I was getting pretty stressed. I found yesterday the fuse for the electric fan was blown; a ten second fix and the engine runs cool as a cucumber - with the AC on in traffic.

I'm pondering really hard why I didn't check this sooner. I knew the fan was probably not operating. I guess I thought if the aux fan was broken it could be the fan itself, or a relay, or who knows, and I was unclear to how to test it. Also the jeep would run hot at highway speeds, where I thought the aux fan wouldn't make a difference, so it seemed that there must be some other issue.

Having so many things to maintain - the house, the motorcycles, computers, cameras, etc - it becomes difficult to put time into figuring things out. And maybe when something seems like it could be complicated, it seems better to just not even do the initial review, check the basic things, so if the "easy" fix actually works.

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