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It's an odd thing about motorcycle trips: when I'm in the middle of one, I don't want to stop and interact with people who are in the "normal world"...working, watching TV, basically stationary. I Have to keep moving. It might be convenient to stop by a lost friend or distant family's house, but there is a reluctance. It's hard to know when exactly I'll pass by their unmoving patch of land until a few hours before. Will it be near a meal time, so I can eat and go?  Or will it be between meals, forcing me to hang out, almost motionless, talking, the sound of the wind replaced by the tick of a clock or background dribble of CNN?  The whole proposition seems sketchy, like a dirt road that starts to narrow and turn muddy and could cost you half a day. The ordinary world, the Normal Space in which all the character actors in my motorcycle trip reside, is both the wonderful setting and dangerous pitfall of the trip. I've ridden within miles relatives or friends and didn't stop. 

I'm beginning to think this is a mistake, and the mindset that leads to it probably indicates I should slow the hell down and not be afraid of cutting the miles short. After all, if the point is to see a certain area, that stop is probably the best way to get that, and Normal Space will disappear quickly enough the next morning with a simple twist of the throttle. 

Also, I can almost certainly use a shower by that point in the trip.

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