Guest Book at Cobblestone Cafe: Gator Chomp All Day
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We started the morning with a walk to the riverfront to checkout a little cafe we'd seen which looked interesting. They advertised some sort of crab special, and also french toast with peaches and eggs and sausage or bacon. Set me up!

As we sat down, we noticed some small diary sized guestbooks on the tables. Some of the entries were amusing. Some were....ominous. "LEAVE NOW. JUST GET UP AND WALK OUT." We pondered this, as if this were possibly troublesome. As if our legs were crushed in a vice, but we were dosed on morphine so its relevance seemed distant and tenuous. We both got the peach french toast special.

It was pretty mediocre. The french toast was dry. Peaches from a can. The sausage patty was an odd large CD sized disk. Not the worst meal we've ever had I guess, but what made us regret not following the guestbook's advice was the check - although most other breakfast entrees were $8, this was $16 per! Our diner breakfast for two with coffee and OJ was $44. Almost half what the previous nights fine dining had been.

For dinner we ended up defaulting to the Pink House, a sort of Savannah institution. The staff at the Alligator Soul had told us it may not be what we're looking for, but everything seems to closed down on sundays so other choices were hard to come by. It was fine, service was excellent, but I can see why they'd said it wouldn't be our thing. When you run into a local you feel like you relate with, go wherever they say, no questions asked.

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