Old Photos: In the Boat
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So, last old times photo for a bit. I think that's Henry K. The cigar box kind of brings it all full circle.

The old times portrait photos are numerous and many are great - I'm finding the photos of people doing things a little more intriguing sometimes. I'm only a little fascinated by the Old Times for their own sake. I don't think they were necessarily better or worse than Modern Times or Space Times or Dragon Killing Times. I wouldn't want to live in the Old Times (perhaps a vacation there would be fun.) What I find so incredible about the old times is that they are gone. What mysterious machine lifts the great scurry of our constructions, our interactions, our triumphs and tragedies, raises them to the sky, and then churns them back into the ground? It's childish, but: when the old times pass, where do they go?

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