Ray and Yoshi
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The life of Yoshi continues along. This morning we taught her to high-five. Really, she just happened to do a high-five and then we took the opportunity to name it for her and get all excited, and so she did it again and again. She is 12 weeks-ish today. She can come, sit, stay, pee, poop, up and down (stairs), "no biting", knows a few of her toys and rachel by name (with limited reliability), and can fetch (with decent reliabilty.) She goes the night in her crate without much trouble. Oh, she also knows "special treat", which means she is going to get on of these fish smelling weirdo treats which drive her into a frenzy. She likes to sleep by my feet during the day, or in my lap.

She still pees in the house at times. She wouldn't if we were super diligent about taking her out at the right moments or leaving her in her crate most of the time. A few times when we are playing she'll roll or something and the pee will just come out and she'll look very surprised. It's hard to be upset. She is a food and water movin' machine, so things happen quickly. She has more than doubled her weight in the last month. Her skin and paws are growing even faster than her body. I think she is making up for some lost growing time as a pup.

Anyway, she's happy and scrappy!

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