Yoshi: Walking
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So, I'm not going to turn this into some kind of permanent puppy blog. But maybe just for a little while...

An eight week old puppy learns pretty quickly, mainly because they don't know nothing about anything to start with. You put a leash on them, and it's not that they want to pull or go a different way. They just look at you or the ground or whatever. You call them and maybe they come a bit, but after the second or third time they seem to be dubious that this "come" game is ever going to amount to anything. They haven't yet figured out exploring the neighborhood is fun.

You show them a toy and they don't like it.... because they don't yet know why they should like it. Which is pretty much just that it feels good to chew.

When you take a toy and throw it, even a few feet, their eyes don't really follow it and they stare blankly or look around at the ground for the toy - because they don't understand when things move suddenly through the air.

But in ten minutes you can teach them that things fly through the air. By the end of the day they'll chase what you throw. After a bit on the leash they are hopping along more or less in step. In fact the puppy hasn't quite become super interested in all the smells in the grass yet, so she is easy to walk.

The whole process is fascinating. In just a day they learn so much. Except not to pee inside.

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Yoshi: What Were We Doing Again?
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When we're walking, about every thirty seconds she would stop and look at me, like she forgot what we were doing. Then she'd bounce ahead as she remembered.

We had to use the cat leash since the dog leash was too heavy.

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