Day 6: Ride, RIde
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Although I was relieved to make it to the New Mexico border and safety, Hobbs turned out to be a bust. I settled on the Desert Hills Motel, was given a smoking room (they didn't ask, maybe they were out of non-smoking). For a town with dozens of hotels there were few restaurants. La Fiesta was nearby. The heavy wood doors at the entrance spoke of the 70s, a time which seemed to concentrate on the least fresh ingredients and heavy flavors you won't accidently mix. They served no beer. The food was like I'd thought - the "Verde Chicken" was in a watery green bath topped with what might have been some diced canned jalapenos. The beans had cheese melted over them. The plate was just about hot enough to have cooked the chicken itself. The waitress mentioned it comes with two (2) tortillas, and they were delivered as promised.

Surprisingly the chicken was cooked just right, had a bit of smokey char-broiled flavor. The watery agua-verde that was pooled over it managed to retain a good flavor. The rice was fine, a slight firmness. The refried beans were awesome.

I've had a lot a few different kind of beans on this trip. It is amazing to me how good they can be, and also how unappetizing they can be when done poorly. I tend to not order them specifically because of the randomness of it, but when they come on the plate and are good I finish them.

There was no coffee in the room, no coffee in the motel office. I stopped by a bakery nearby that is ok. I won't miss Hobbs.

Through New Mexico there were storms in the distance. I wanted badly to ride through them, even though I hadn't bothered to setup my liners. But aside from some brief sprinkles the road always seemed to turn away. The storms were substantial though, I might have regretted wishing for it if I'd gotten in the thick of it.

Friday was a day of rest. Rachel is flying in as I write this, Saturday, and we head to Mesa Verde this afternoon. A day of rest hit the spot, but I'm ready to ride again.

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