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I have a box in my closet with my dogs ashes in it.

Every few months I'm looking for something or organizing and come across it, briefly think "oh what's in this little heavy box?!" then remember, shrug, and put it a bit further back in the closet.

I don't think I'm the only one with no idea what to do with pet ashes.

Dolly loved to go someplace new, anyplace new, so maybe I should bring them up to Lake Superior this week and drop them there. She would have loved it there and if I hadn't motorcycled up the last 2 years I would have brought her with. On the other hand she loved going to my mom's cabin, so that would be a fine place. The last awesome trip she had was to Rachel's folks house where she played with Fogerty, when she was just starting to limp and I couldn't take her with for the long walk. Maybe I should split them between all these places. But would her "spirit" then rest in multiple places? What's that like? Doesn't sound super restful....

In fact Dolly's favorite place to rest was on the downstairs couch, so maybe I should dump the ashes all over there? Everytime I sat down her spirit would rise up in a cloud and fill the room. Hrm, but really when she was sleeping she would tend to not rise up for much so that wouldn't be realistic at all.

I really don't know what to make of the spiritual and symbolic aspect of the ashes, so it starts to feel forced. But then it's still what's left of her in a physical sense, and that has a basic, literal power.

I am tempted to see if she'll fit in my toolbox in the back of the Cherokee, and just haul her around for a while, until it starts to seem silly. I think that's about the closest thing to what she'd want, and I'm a little busy lately to figure it out more than that.

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