Old-Times: Robbing Banks
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In the old-times, maybe one in every four people were bank robbers - at least as a hobby. Since they all the cars were made to look like bank robbin' cars, you can hardly blame people for feeling like they should, at least from time-to-time, rob a bank.

The pre-bank-robbing photo session was a basic institution of the 20s. Bank robbin' teams generally consisted of one male, with a long history of trouble makin', and at least one female, herself with a history of melancholy and discontent with the llife she was given. Rather than take in some fresh air and sun in the country to raise her spriits, she finds herself swept up in the energy of robbin' banks and driving thin wheeled cars at 40mph through dirt roads in the middle of the night while getting chased to the county border by the police.

Ultimately the bank-robbing craze faded away with the start of the war, eventually replaced by the hula hoop craze, which was both safer and easier to learn.

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