Cell in Alcatraz
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Unrelated to prison, I have been lusting for a Jeep Cherokee.

How I got to this point is a yarny yarn. The fun of a track setup in this flatland has grown thin. My somewhat confused track car, on snow tires, can go through any on ramp at twice the posted limit. I'm sure going faster yet would make it a little more interesting but at some point the "fun" becomes more about the blind risk than anything else.

Meanwhile, as long as there isn't a lot of traffic, the motorcycle is like an IV of fun going right into your bloodstream, without even trying. So mainly I am bored with pot now that I've discovered heroin, in the two wheeled form.

So given that I don't drive much, sometimes need to drive in Michigan where things can be a bit treacherous, and don't want to spend money if I don't have to, I reviewed my options. AWD or 4WD was a requirement. I'd already had a 325iX. Loved it, but....well for a car, it gets crappy gas mileage. Not much clearance. Kinda slow, although not a deal breaker. I turned to the WRXs. The 2006 looked like a good year, but hard to justify $15k+ for a car when I work from home. Plain old Impreza? Driving one, the engine felt like an angry midget on sleep meds, although everything else was fine. And let's face it, like most any other car made in the last 15 or so years, it's pretty ugly.

Suddenly I had a vision. It was an amazing vision. Will you be amazed?

Jeep Cherokee

With some snow tires it should be able to get anywhere I want to go. Mileage is not too bad. They are inexpensive. Dependable. Solid. And added bonuses: can haul shit, can tow motorcycles, and I like the look.

I've been holding out for a stick shift, and that thins the market considerably. There was a worthwhile interior update for '97 through '01 (end of production) that is worthwhile, along with some engine improvements. It seems by '97 most of the cherokees were automatic. But I'm not in a hurry.

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