Dulles Hilton
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"Room 451. I need a caeser salad...and how much would a gin and tonic set me back?"

"$7 dollars"

"Better send two"

I won't retell the United debacle that got me here. If you fly them much you've surely got your own. You swear you will never fly them again - but then they come up the cheapest. You take the chance. And then after a few shuttles you are in a hotel, at a different airport, waiting for your next day flight.

The really annoying thing about United is that they seem to have problems when there are no usual issues that might mess up a flight. No weather calamities, news events, etc. They just constantly mess it up.

American Airlines, forever, no matter what. Except for this United voucher....

(photo of folk are at the National Portrait Gallery)

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