Auto Show: Zoom Zoom Zoom
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I never quite finished the story of the Chicago Auto Show.

We saw the Mazda guy coming towards us from a ways off, weaving between the historic cars and groups of people lurking about. Turning around a final pedestrian, he slid to a stop in front of us, beaming with a fun, fluffy kind of joy. Like cotton candy, or a mojito slurpy.

"I'm Mike! From Mazda! Howareyouguysdoing?"

"Hi Mike. I'm Duggerberg Thomas, photographer and chef of some renown, and this is Cha Cha MacGillicutty, my top driver. We want to race this car - across the country. The Duggerberg 3000. It will be glorious - and very fast."

Cha Cha slowly raised her eyebrow slowly to an improbable and distracting height.

"Wow soundsgreat! Here'smycard. Callme, I'll makeithappen!"

He winked at Cha Cha and sped away.

We wandered through the rest of the mazda space. Although not the best in any single way, I think it was my favorite. I think Mazda really effectively communicates a care-free kind of fun, which is a little more peppy than VW's clean-lines kind of fun, and for a lot of people more approachable than BMW's hard-driving kind of fun. You can just get in a Mazda and hit the fun button. It's that easy.

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Auto Show: More Sexy
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The clear and present thread through the history of cars, the reason why men love their cars so much better than their bicycles: sex.

Once you look for it, the connections are everywhere.

  • However many possible women there are within bicycle distance, there will be about a hundred times more within driving distance.
  • You can't really fit two people on a bike well, and sex on a bike is even harder. Or at least, it's the type of thing where if you were drunk enough to try it, you would probably not be successful, and if you were sober enough to be successful, you would probably not try it. Guy on the bike? Not getting laid.
  • Which is more phallic - the little shift levers on your ten speed, or the stick shift on your bitchin' camaro?
  • A car can have sexy, flowing lines. The lines on the bike say "you don't really have to worry about aerodynamics."
  • Car are more expensive to purchase and to operate, thereby becoming a proxy marker for success. Success is a great way to attract the women.
  • The faster your car, the more likely you can beat the other guy's car in a race. Women pretend to not find this sexy, but again reliably go with the winner over the loser.
  • Even if the guy on the bike were getting laid, the car could easily take out the bike in a fight.

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Auto Show: Man-Jeep, Sexy Fail
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This jeep says "I'm going to pile all my guy friends into one vehicle, and we're going to drive to somewhere far away, by ourselves, and get sweaty with our boards."

You're doin' it wrong...

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