Trip: Day 9

View from the Seat
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This was somewhere in New York.

Last day of the trip is tomorrow.
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HUGE BEING: Hippie Man
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Went down to Yasgur's Farm near Bethel, NY. Although you can't get close to the hippy man from the road, he is still an impressive sight. I find many of the HUGE BEING'S slightly twisted facial expression to be a little disturbing. It seems to indicate so much deep turmoil. The Hippie Man is somehow different. Perhaps it's his groovy threads. Perhaps he smoked a 30' joint. Whatever the cause, this HUGE BEING is the most at peace of those I have seen.
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Yasgur's Farm, Roadside
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It took me a second to realize why I was so fascinated by this randomly being on the ground. Someone apparently just tossed it out the car window.

I queued some CSYN and carried on down the road.
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